Thursday, December 30, 2010

Movie Partner

Hello World!
Ah today I've a lot of fun. First, I had a plan with Indah Sagala and we decided to watch The Tourist. Then had a lunch at Ta Wan, then gossiping. It's been a lovely day. Oh gosh, we will never regret it, we've choosed the right movie. The Tourist, oh cmon Jolie and Depp. Can you imagine? 3 Globe Awards, Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Actress. I love how Jolie always look gorgeous, sexy, smart, and elegant at the same time. I love the way she talks, walks, and everything. And Depp? Oh, he always be my favorite actor. He's great. Alrite, better if I shut hell up then give you a photos of The Tourist.

The Tourist

First Met (Angelina Jolie as Elise Ward and Johnny Depp as Frank Tupelo)

Johny Depp

Look the way Jolie walks
Seriously, I love the way Jolie walks and let the eyes stare at her

Classic, Gorgeous

Honestly, I'm lil bit confused with this movie. My mind just said 'Who the hell is Pearce and Frank? Which one Pearce and which one Frank?' and gosh I'm like 'Seriously, Elise loves Pearce or Frank?'
But at the end, there's no question anymore. I got it :D

After we watched The Tourist, me and Indah went to Burger and Grill. And I treated her an ice-cream (late-birthday-treat), ohya Indah bought me ticket (she said as birthday treat). After we're gossiping (Oh, I don't know why girls love to talking but I love it haha), I bought a glasses, I think it's fucking great when you got a good thing with a cheap price. So, tomorrow I'll go to optician and check my eyes. Maybe, I'll capture my glasses tomorrow because I'm kinda lazy to do it. Ah, I'm tired and sleepy, better if I shut my mouth then sleep. Ciao!

ps: I think I must google 'How to walk like Angelina Jolie' lol and  it's good movie for you guys. Very entertaining and recommended. :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Confession #1

How could you ever text me again? But in the past you're the first one, you texted me first. Now, I really miss our time. And how could your old-messages change my life oh-so-greatly? There's a lot of butterflies in my stomach whenever I read your old-messages. But, now? You never do it again, you never text me first, but thanks God, sometimes you still reply my messages. Too cheesy for me to say this, but yeah it's true. I miss you, Mr.Brightside...

ps: My new daily habit is, give you a morning text everyday. I don't care if you just read it and won't reply it. But someday, yeah someday you'll reply it. :)

Last Wednesday

Yaa, today is the last Wednesday on 2010. Oh cmon, I always love Wednesday. I don't know why but I feel like my lucky day is Wednesday. Ohya, 3 days left before I say goodbye to 2010. Today I had some fun, actually I was busy to help my Mom. My Mom trust me to do kept the store. So, I met a lot of type of people. And gaah I can't stand the smoke. Made me feel like 'Oh Jeez, I am goin to pass out'. Then around 2 PM my Mom and my Dad got home, and they found her daughters were busy! Actually I acted like I was busy.

Then, today is the day when Indonesia try to fight backs Malaysia. The match just finished, unfortunately Malaysia won. But that's not a big problem for us right? For me, win or lose isn't important but the process to reach their goal. Indonesia just did it, whoa superduper great. They won the match, but they didn't win the whatever AFF called it... But, I'm extremely proud with Indonesia, the supporter didn't do an anarchist things. Oh here, the printscreen of what tweepers In Indonesia just did on twitter
 You can see Ahmad Bustomi, #iloveindonesia . #proudofindonesia, NURDIN TURUN. STANDING OVATION, than the lol-est one SBY MOOD. That's the way Indonesia surprised the world!
Okay, no matter what happens. My love for Indonesia never change, there's in my blood. Once again! Congratulation Malaysia, but it's not the end. It's the first start for Indonesia! So watch out Malaysia, Garuda will come back and fight with your Tiger!

Our Flag 
Our supporter
And Our Team :)

ps: ''Indonesia bermain luar biasa. Babak pertama adalah 45 menit terbaik Indonesia selama AFF Suzuki Cup 2010."courtesy from Alfred Riedl

Monday, December 27, 2010

Indonesia? Can you?

Whoa, you know world? Malaysia just beat Indonesia! 3-0 for Malaysia. What the hell? It's not a good thing for Indonesia because Indonesia can't make a goal. Actually, we only need 1 goal. But Indonesia can't make it. I know, Indonesia's performance isn't stunning as they did on their last five games. But, yeah they just try to win it. Oh, i know there's a lot of reasons why Indonesia can't win the match. Like, Laser? Oh Jesus, it's fucking not good. Totally evil. I won't talk about Malaysians, because you guys already know. So, let's we talk about Indonesians? I totally disappointed with all Indonesians that came to Malaysia. I don't even look they support our team with Indonesian's spirit?! Like they always do when Indonesia have a match at Gelora Bung Karno. Where is our song? They don't even sing it, Garuda di dadaku, garuda kebanggaanku... They didn't shout like this 'INDONESIA! *prok prok prok* INDONESIA!' I fucking hate Indonesians when they left their seats, whenever Malaysia just kick our ass 3-0. Fuck with all the truth just happened. I bet The Jak, The Viking, and Bonek will do it way much better than 'The Indonesians' (Is it true they have a spirit of Indonesian's hero?)

So, for all Indonesia's squad. I believe you guys can do it. You can make 4, 5, or more than 5 goal for Indonesia. Please Markus, we beggin you pleaseeee keep calm and just do your best for Indonesia. No more goal. ZERO for Malaysia.

And for Indonesian supporter, don't act fool. Don't bring weapon, fireworks that we call it MERCON. If we believe Indonesia will win the game so don't cheat. Let's show our attitude! Keep calm and believe that we'll bring the trophy. A gift for Indonesia. Last gift before we say goodbye to 2010 and welcome to 2011!


ps: I'm an Indonesian, and I proud with my country!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

I must be dreaming (Acoustic) - The Maine

She thinks I'm crazy.
Judging by the faces that she's making.
And I think she's pretty.
But pretty's just part of the things she does that amaze me.
And she calls me sweetheart.
I love it when she wakes me when it's still dark.
And she watches the sun.
But she's the only one I have my eyes on.

Tell me that you love me.
And it'll be alright.
Are you thinking of me?
Just come with me tonight.
You know I need you.
Just like you need me.
Can't stop, Won't stop.
I must be dreaming.
Can't stop, Won't stop.
I must be dreaming.

She moves in closer.
Whispering to me "I thought I told ya"
And oh she's playing games now.
And I figured it out now that we're
Now that we're closer.
Two kids, one love.
Who cares it we making it up.
Her voice is sweet sound.
Our clothes lay on the ground.
She moves in closer.
Whispers "I though I told ya"

Tell me that you love me.
And it'll be alright.
Are you thinking of me?
Just come with me tonight.
You know I need you.
Just like you need me.
Can't stop, Won't stop.
I must be dreaming.
Can't stop, Won't stop.
I must be dreaming.

Remember the day when we started this.
And she made the shape of my heart with her hands.
We try to make some sense of it.
But she called me on the phone and said..

Tell me that you love me.
And it'll be alright.
Are you thinking of me?
Just come with me tonight.
You know I need you.
Just like you need me.
Can't stop, Won't stop.
I must be dreaming.
Go one and tell em that you love me
And it'll be alright. (I must be dreaming)
Are you thinking of me.
Just come with me tonight.(I must be dreaming)
She moves in closer.
Can't stop, Won't stop.
I must be dreaming.

ps: I can't stop, and won't stop. Yeah it's right I must be dreaming.

2:28 AM post

Source: Andrea's blog
Just face it boy, I'm in love with you.

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas world!

Gaaah, this is my first christmas on this blog!
Well, I spent my Christmas Eve with my family. We went to church. Oh, I must be thankful to God. Because my Dad! Finally he knew Jesus! He just opened his heart so Jesus can come into his heart. Well, what do you know about Christmas, world?
For me Christmas isn't only the cake that we eat, the party that we attend, and the gift that we get!
But Christmas is a wonderful gift from God! God gave us His son, Jesus! Jesus is amazing! We don't need to worry what we will eat tomorrow and what's trouble that we will face tomorrow. I believe in God, He gave His son. So it's very easy for Him to give us food, dresses and everything that we need.

Christmas also a chance for us. A chance to open our heart, and let Jesus come in. Forgive everyone, and ask for an apologize. It's Christmas! Giving love to others just like Jesus did! Oh what a wonderful day!
Christmas is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas! Oh how I love this day! Seems like everyone looks happy, and throw all their sadness! Wtf with Santa, I used to believe in Santa when I was kid. But now? I believe in Jesus. He's my Santa. But, ya Christmas without mistletoe, Christmas tree, and Santa's stories it's not like Christmas! Yaa, I'll keep the tradition! Christmas tradition!
Oh blog, I should shut my mouth yeah. Feel sleepy in here, and tomorrow I'm going to church. So, it's time for me to hit my bed and pillow and visit my la-la-land!

Once again, Happy Christmas blog! I'd like type a thousand words in here, but I'm too tired!

ps: May you guys have the spirit of Christmas everyday! God Bless!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mr. Brightside

Today, I've listened to this song for 7 times (I hate when I shuffled my iPod this song started to playing).
Talk about Mr.Brightside, it's not only a song for me. It's a nickname for him. Him? Gaaah his name is piip. I've a huge crush on him. Actually I'm not good to talk about LOVE things. Anw, He is on the same class with me when I was on 5th grade. We used to yell each other, and fight. In short, I hate him (on 5th Grade). But, when I was on 9th grade, and I had a big problem with my first love (okay, I think I need to take an aspirine. What did I say? First Love. I think I'm going to la-la-la land now), really had a big problem. You can call it broken-heart (nyaw, call me an emo now. LOL). 

Then you can call it reunion. I added him on facebook, he gave me a wall, then we chat, and accidentaly I gave my phone number. A few weeks after accidental-phone-number-moment he texted me, I replied his text. I make it short (remember I'm not good with this things), I feel so closeeeeee to him, it seems we've a same feeling but the next day, it's like a last-night-dream. :(

Too bad I'm invicible to him after I had a date with him (I named it 'first date'). We went to church. Sweet? Ofcourse, then yeah I'm a holy one. It's just the greaaaat feeling, really. When I touched your skin, listened to your voice seems like I got a mini heart-attack. :)
Gaah, we've an accident too. The police stopped your motorcycle, and I must pay 50000 IDR because you forgot to bring your wallet. You said sorry. It means a lot to me whenever you say 'Sorry Ver' , 'Maaf ya gue nyusahin', 'Maaf banget jadi ga enak gue. Sorry banget'
If I could record your voice, it would be my lullaby song (too excessive :P)

He told me his secret. He is a smokers. I can't accept that fact, and I was trying to stop his habbit. Seriously, I didn't have any idea. I hate smokers, really. But, he's my only exception. I'm trying to accept that fact that I can get what I really need. (A boy without ciggarettes). But, before I told him, it doesn't matter for me. He left me without a concrete reasons. Never come back, I never get my mood booster anymore. He never text me for 3 months. Now, I'm going to invicible again. I'm tired. But my friends told me 'Come on optimist. There must be a way, a lot of ways' So I can't stop, and I won't stop. I'm trying to reach him... We're at different school, the worst one is about my condition? I'm so clueless. Don't have any clue about himself... I don't know who can win his  heart. He's so mysterious to me. Seriously I'm tired being a detective. Collect a clue and trying to guess it.

Why can't you see me looking at you?
ps:  It's one of your songs,  Love like Woe (The Ready Set)

I kinda feel like it dont make sense
Because you're bringing me in
and now you're kicking me out again
Loved so strong, then you moved on
Now I'm hung up in suspense,
Because you're bringing me in
And then you're kicking me out again


This photo taken by myself when I had photography class on my school, then I retouched this image

I made a promise last night

Gaah, this is my blog's new look. Finally, I can make gif image then I put it on my blog.
my blog's new look 

  1. Keep reblog and follow my tumblr (I feel so excited after I finished my gif image, I'll post my gif image to my tumblr)
  2. Tweet me @veraciu (Looks cuteeee, just can't believe it I can do editing, retouching things.)

I made a promise last night, that I'll give another post to this new baby blog (gaah, look at my language. I feel like my Mom). So, if you glad to hear my story I'll tell you about my activity.
I only spent my time with my friends. My superb friends. Since, we've canceled our plan (Go to Christy's house) so we decided to hang out around Galaxy. Me, Icha, and Angel had a great lunch. After we finished our lunch and the rain's stop falling, we decided to go to Mirama. We spent our cash to buy snack, and I bought my dessert. Tadah Trico, only 1500 IDR in here. Because of rain started to falling again, we sat and gossiping at Mirama's gazebo. Ohya, we waited for our Winda. She told us that She'll come. And yeah she came but winda's arrival couldn't stop the rain. So yaa we're gossiping at Mirama's Gazebo. 2,5 hours on Mirama's Gazebo made us tired and the rain just oveeer so we moved our ass to Icha's house.We had our girls time such as gossiping, share a jokes, and listen to each other. I almost fell asleep because when my head meet the pillow, theres something a tempting feeling that attack my mind. But I keep awake because of Angel, she showed a video of her friends, and many more. Around 6 pm, we moved our ass to our home.

Honestly, I miss my 'lunch time' with my bestfriends. When we were on Junior High School. We used to have 'Girl's time' (at least twice a month). Watching movie, have a great lunch, walking around mall, even gossiping at our lovely basecamp (Icha's house, Winda's, or Oline's. We're nomads). But, our monthly activity just disappear. Don't know the real reason why one of my friend won't hang out with us again. But, the only think I know, it's because of her boy. Such a jerk, and yaa my LOVELY friend (noted that) become a good liar. She's a big liar now. Feel disappointed? Ofcourse, but what can I do? 6 of us just too tired (remember, we have our own business) to take care herself, we're tired now. Tired to listen all of her bullshits.. But deep in my heart, i miss her. I miss my friends. I miss my superduper best friends.


ps: when I say 'I miss you guys' I truly said it. I'm not lying.

The Second

Hi world!

Yeah it's my second blog. I just deleted my first blog, yeah actually I don't know why I deleted it. Too much stories then I just want started a new one. So I decided to make a new blog. Okay, actually I got a lil bit problem, uuuhm actually a lot. I should started to follow my friends again, then make my blog become wicked cool again. Ohyeah I wanna tell you guys something  I'm trying to write all my stories in English. I don't know why, but I think I should practice with English since English isn't my mother tongue. Eventhough I'm trying to use English in here, it doesn't mean I won't use Bahasa anymore. Ofcourse I love Bahasa. It my mother tongue yoo. Okay world, it's late post, 3.30 AM now and I'm going to hit my bed and pillows, then I promise tomorrow I'm gonna make this blog become wicked cool, so keep stick with my blog! Ciao!

ps: This photo taken by myself, when I was on my holiday in Kuta. Since I can't swim, I just sat and let the sun burned my skin.Ohya the ice-cream is my favorite one, Trico. In Jakarta, Trico is very cheaaap! 3500 IDR. But in Kuta, okay it's become 5000 IDR. And my bad, I spent my 10000 IDR only for Trico.