Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jaw Dropping

Hi, world! Ah, I wanna post something. Grrr, I'm home alone now. In my expectation, I'm gonna throw party with my friends. But, hey wake up! I'm just blogging and tweeting, sitting in front of laptop! Hahaha. Oh, I decided to make a post about hottest men in my opinion (and I think my opinion is world's opinion)! So just get ready girl! :P

Chace Crawford. His eyes, his smile, his face.... I'm melted

James Franco. Dear you, I used to be normal. Sincerely, the crazy me.

Robert Pattinson. Twilight may ruined him, but you have to watch Remember Me and Water for Elephants! 

Adam Levine. Dear Adam, I'm never gonna leave my bed till sunday morning if you lay beside me.
Patrick Dempsey. I know we usually fall for them bad boys but he's the exception
Zac Efron. Hottest moment his picture on Rolling Stone Cover. Then, he's talented, casual and messy style

Ian Somerhalder. Drop dead sexy. His eyes brutally killing me.

Asthon Kutcher. Funny, good looking, and ofcourse sexy.

Jensen Ackles. Those eyes!
Enrique Iglesias. Who doesn't love him? Hi, spaniard ;)

George Clooney. He isn't just like an old man. He's sexy, single, and alive.

I'm over. I can't breathe. Need an oxygen.

PS: I know, you guys can't describe your feeling when you see this post. But I know, jaw dropping is the only way to describe it!


Ketika ada pertanyaan 'Mengapa Tuhan tidak pernah tertidur?' 
Datang jawaban satu 'Karena Tuhan tidak pernah ngantuk.'
Datang jawaban dua 'Karena Tuhan minum kopi.'
Datang jawaban tiga 'Karena Tuhan yang mendendangkan nina bobonya.'
Datang jawaban empat 'Karena Tuhan tidak pernah lelah.'
Datang  jawaban lima yang sangat mustahil. Dimana jawaban terakhir tidak akan pernah tercetus dari mulutku
Ketika jawaban 'Tuhan tidak pernah ada' itu ada dari mulut seseorang... 
Aku lebih percaya dengan jawaban kedua.


Perkara sakit hati itu tidak mudah untuk diselesaikan di tangan manusia...
Tetapi ketika sampai di tangan Tuhan, semuanya terselesaikan dengan senyuman...

Song is what feelings sound like...

Hi world! Ah, already midnight here, and I can't sleep. Then, currently need a friend to talk, so I come to you my dearest blog. LOL. Well, I just downloaded Adhitia Sofyan's albums. Quiet Down and Forget Your Plans. And now while blogging this post I'm listening to all of his songs. Then, from this post I want share my several top tracks hihi (actually I'm currently listening a song that can make myself really desperately desperate). Yeah, now here we go! :)

1. Apology - Adhitia Sofyan 
You owe me an apology
For the hit and run
For the mangled heart
It reminds me with him. It really hurts whenever I listen to this song. Because I know he owes me an apology, but I know he will never say 'sorry' to me. Oh, maybe not this time. Hihi.

2. Everything - Andre Harihandoyo and Sonic People
Everything i do it to make you laugh
But i can never make you mine
Now i know what i'd do everything
Just listen to the song, keep quiet, sing it. Then, my tears instantly fall (Well, sometimes). Good song, one of my recommended songs ;)

3. Happy - Lighthouse Family
Who says you can't be happy all the time?
Say what you like but I'm still gonna try

Yeah, this song told me that, I can't be happy all the time, I can't laugh till death all the time so I've to be ready and prepare not to so damn shock whenever sadness come to my life. At the end I'm still gonna try ;)

4. Would it kill you -Hellogoodbye
Would it kill you just to let it all work out?
tryin' so hard just to break it down
I somehow didn't see it till just now, 'till now

When I shuffled my iPod, then tadah! A song from Hellogoodbye, their music just like The Beatles. I'm quite love their songs. Hihihi, you can download it from 4shared. ;)

5. Sentimental heart - She&Him
Oh old habits die hard when you got when you got a sentimental heart
Piece of the puzzle and youre my missing part
Oh what can you do with a sentimental heart
They're my favorite folk band! There's Zooey Deschanel (Do you remember, 500 Days Of Summer?) . Zooey's voice actually lil bit weird, but she still can make me listen to all of her songs. Her voice is so funny :D

6. Stolen - Dashboard Confessional
You have stolen, you have stolen
You have stolen my heart

Hahaha, this song has a lot of memories. I still remember, when I used to close with him, this song was a backsound. I chatted with him on facebook, this song was a backsound. When I texted with him, I repeated this song. Dear Dashboard Confessional, thank you for this song. The best backsound ever. Sincerely, me.

7. Strawberry Avalanche - Owl City
This is a world of dreams and reverie
Where I felt the stars explode around me

Hi! Have I told you? I'm a big fans of Owl City. Uhm listening to Owl City's songs are same with dream-booster. Especially when you listen Strawberry Avalanche, pay attention with the lyric too. Anyway, he is a big fans of Owl City too :)

8. The Conversation - Motion City Soundtrack
I had a pocket full of dreams
But I gave them all to you
Now I think I want them back
So can you tell me if I'm crazy or confused?

Hahaha. This song reminds me with him and all of the conversation. Hmmmmm, it's been a long time. :(

9. Imma be rocking that body - Black Eyed Peas
Imma be, imma be - imma imma imma be
Imma be, imma be - imma imma imma be
Imma be, imma be - imma imma imma be
Imma be be be be imma imma be
Imma be be be be imma imma be
Imma be be be be imma imma be

WHOA! I could dance, and do that runnin man style, spinhead, moonwalking, tutting, waving, and etc! This song is cool. You guys have to listen this song. Like the song, Imma be sending positivity, crossed the globe, and seven seas! And Imma be moving on :p

10. Mr. Brightside -The Killers
Jealousy, turning saints into the sea
Swimming through sick lullabies

Hmmmmm, sick of it. Don't know why, this song is quiet so emotional. There's a  story behind this song. :P (Just view my post, I made a post about Mr.Brightside)

11. Closer to the edge - 30 Seconds to Mars
No I'm not saying I'm sorry
One day, maybe we'll meet again
No I'm not saying I'm sorry
One day, maybe we'll meet again

Uh, that's why you won't say sorry. Is is because of this song? Your favorite one? :(

There are still a lot of songs! I'm a lil bit sleepy, then If I have to write my top tracks all down, uhm I will fall asleep before I finish this post. Hehehe. Okay then, hope you guys enjoy my post. Oh you can click the link. The link will lead you to last.fm. Each band on this post has last.fm account! If you want download the song, you can go to 4shared. I downloaded it all (Except Everything from Sonic People) on 4shared. Enjoy ;)

PS: Ah, you guys already know my favorite tracks. Then, what about you? You can share your favorite tracks, tell me if you already make a post like mine. And for all of strangers that visit my blog, tell me what is your blog and I will follow your blog. You can tell me via shoutout chat or give a comment on this post. I like to make a friend-blog (Call it Frog). So, let's be friend ;)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The sun goes down

Last year, I spent my holiday in Bali. Now, while I'm looking the pics that taken by me. I realized that I miss Bali so much. I miss the sun, the people, the street, the panorama, Kuta, the heat, and etc.  So, here we go!

Ah, Wisnu! Anyway where's your hands? :P

Uluwatu, I miss Bali's sky.

I miss the sound of waves

I miss a shout from him. 'tikarnya mbak'



More than words to say his true feelings

The sun goes down

Ah, Benoa. Watersport, adrenaline. Whoa, I really miss Bali's sky!
Footprints. Dear #22Hours this photo was taken when I was in Bali
Kuta, I used my wayfarer for a help while I was taking this sun

Look like Hanoman's head

My best photo ever. I won't delete it. Seriously.

That's a few photos from Bali. I used my cellphone and a lil bit retouched after that. Yes, I do love photography. And yes, I do need DSLR. Just wish me the best luck, hopefully I can buy my own DSLR with my own money this year.

I miss every single things about Bali. The food, the crowd, the clouds, the sky, the sound of waves, people were waiting for sunset and everything! But, the truth, the reason why I make this post is you. I miss you alot. I still remember, last year. I was sitting in front of the computer (I went to warnet! LOL), then I was shocked because of 'your hello'. It was the first text after 3 months without your text, then I was so happy because you texted me first. I still remember the date and the time. 21st June 2010, 21.43. 
Hows ur holiday crut?
 I smiled because of your text. Because of you were calling me crut. Now, you're gone. Now, you don't ask how's my holiday and I'm too afraid to text you, afraid that you won't reply my text. It's over. Totally over. There's no a chance for me to be your friend again. (I've asked about that, but you didn't answer it). Then, I guess it's a good bye... Bali and you, thanks for the memories. Ohya at the end I promise to myself I'll come to Bali next year! :')

PS: They said it changes when the sun goes down, over the river going out of town

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I don't know how to describe my feelings to you guys. I just love you so much guys...

Teresia Angel Kusumahadi

I don't know what's your problem. I don't know what should I do to help you. But all I know, whenever you sad. I always pray for you (and the others ofcourse). Maybe I'm not always there for you, but hey I know and you know, our God is bigger than our problem, right? You're so smart, you're so beauty, you're so talented, you're so damn lucky. You're my best-potter-friend. And hey, Emma Watson is waiting for our coming. We will travel around the world, right? Backpacker! 

Chrisantya Pauline Adi

Beauty is you. (Dear you, if you read my blog I hope you hold on tight to something). My partner in crime, my friend who always make me cry. You're so annoying but so lovely. You're so hillarious ty. Oh, you're so strong and powerful. Why? I don't know how, but you can keep calm and struggle with your pathetic love story. But, hey! Let forget your pathetic-love-story and find the new one. You're suck. Haha. You always make me cry with your own way.  Fuck yeah distance! :p

Angeline Melissa Utama

From the outside you look so unfriendly, but after that! Hi, we're bestfriend now! And I still wonder, you eat so much but why your body still look like 'anak bocah'. Ah, everytime I think of you, three things that cross my mind are kuotie, takoyaki, and 'never die'. Hahaha. We have a good time, a lot of good time. Then, I believe we still have it till our kids have a kids.Oh, go forget him. Find the other but not now. God still busy, He's writing your love story. He will find you a good one. Trust me! Anyway, I love your laugh!

Annisa Riska Meidita

The most patient girl I've ever known. By the way, wanna know why I choose this photo? While I have a lot of photos of you to choose? For me, your smile is a kind of smile that offers me 'Hi, let's be friend!'. You're so nice cha. I never want to get angry with you, if I ever get angry with you. I guess, I'd rather slap my face whenever I see you. You're the nicest one. In my eyes, you never have haters. Is that right? If there's anyone who hates you, they're the foolish person I've ever known. You're so nice and that's why I love you, friend!

Andriani Dwirahmanda

First, you're a detective. Then, I don't know how to say it, but you just like the leader of this group (Okay, we're not a gang. But whatever hehe). From the outside you're so arrogant, from the inside you're so sweet just like a sugar (Hopefully, you won't vomit after read this post. Well I never know if you've visited my blog). You're so critical. I will never won't argue with you. I'm not going to argue with you (If there's a chance). You always stick to one's guns. I'd rather keep silence then keep smiling. I love the way you stick to one's guns. How selfish you are, I will never hate you. Thank you for being my chairmate. Thanks for always wakened me up when I fall asleep in the classroom.

Angelica Andani Widyanastiti

From staples. How funny is it. From 5th grade, right? I've become your friend for 7 years! 7 years dude!! Like what, actually I was counting then I realized and shocked. Oh my God. Ti, if 7 years ago I won't help you with your staples, we will never become friend like this. Actually, I envy with you. You're rich, you're smart, you're not beautiful but you're charming, you're talented. But, why should I be jealous and envy? I have to proud with you. Then, from this moment. From this post, I'd like to say 'Welcome Back'. Hopefully, you will forget every single things about him. Just forget him and become the old you. The lovely one, smart inside and outside. Don't be so foolish like now. You're the fool one because of love. C'mon you still have a future! I believe that God will give you the best one, but please your best one isn't now. Protect yourself, please. I know, you can do it. I know you will transform to the better Asti.


PS: At the end of story, there's no end of our story. We will make a new story everyday. I love you so much guys, I miss you so much guys!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

10, 9 ,8,..., and 1

Ten Things I Wish I Could Say to People
1. "Ayo guys, yang masih di jalan atau dimana. Mau request lagu apa sekarang?"
2. "Just woke up. You know, last night I tried to finish it before the deadline!"
3. "Hi, can we meet up? Need a friend to talk. 7 pm? Okay, our favorite coffee-shop. See you there!"
4. "Good night, i love you."
5. "Get away from my life!"
6. "You will regret it."
7. "Hi, I'm fine. Kalo lo? Kuliah gue lancar, kerjaan di magazine juga so far ya fun banget"
8. "Thank you everyone yang udah mau dateng ke launching novel saya. Seneng banget."
9. "So tired! Gila deadline-nya bikin stress."
10. "Emma Watson. My name is Vera Ciu. Ready for your interview, because I'm so ready and by the way I'm your lovely fans."

Nine things about myself
1. I want to live abroad! So damn much.
2. Sometimes, being aloner is a great escape for me from loneliness.
3. Easily, I get sleep.
4. I wanna try staying at a flat.
5. I wanna become a popular announcer and novelist.
6. Cockroaches mean a death for me.
7. I want my bedroom re-decorate. Just like on tumblr.
8. Chocolate is my mood booster.
9. I can't sleep without praying.

Eight ways to win my heart
1. Have a good taste of joke.
2. He loves take a picture with me or he loves to candid me. (that's sweet)
3. Cook together!
4. Ask me to go to a concert. (Better if he knows my taste of music and he has a cool taste of music)
5. Random day out sounds nice and sweet.
6. Go to museum, play scrabble, have a chat at coffe-shop
7. Remember my birthday, and give me a surprise!
8. Tell me something why you want to win my heart.

Seven things that cross my mind a lot:
1. National Exam (Dude, now I'm on the last grade in Senior High School)
2. #22Hours fanpage.
3. My weight
4. University.
5. Ice Cream, Sate Padang.
6. DSLR.
7. My blog.

Six things I do before I fall asleep
1. Praying.
2. Sometimes read bible (I'm doing this stuff now)
3. Prepare school's stuff for tomorrow.
4. Turn the lights off.
5. Read a book or re-read.
6. Listen to music.

Five places I want to visit
1. New York.
2. Serendipity's cafe.
3. Europe.
4. Alaska.
5. My future home, office, and my own coffe-book-shop.

Four things I'm wearing right now
1. Baju Barong.
2. Black shorts.
3. Undies.
4. Headset. (Does it include?)

Three bands that I listen to often (Currently)
1. Mocca.
2. Lighthouse Family.
3. Andre Harihandoyo and Sonic People.

Two things I want to do before I die
1. Make my dreams come true (become announcer, have my own book and coffe-book-shop, etc)
2. Marry with someone, have a babies (boy and girl), live happily ever after till death separate us

One confession
1. Sometimes, I wanna be a guy because I know how to treat women when guy doesn't know how treat women well.
PS: You can repost this post! Because I reposted it from someone!

Monday, June 20, 2011


Pernahkah kamu merasa telah sampai pada satu momen? Dimana dirimu mampu merasakan aliran darah mengalir jelas melewati nadi-nadimu. Dimana dirimu mampu mendengarkan suara angin yang lewat tanpa permisi. Dimana bibir terkunci rapat tidak dapat berkata atau berteriak. Dimana air mata mengalir dan melebur bersama segala emosi, mengalir turun membasahi pipi yang pada akhirnya membuat aliran darah itu tidak ada apa-apanya. Pernahkah semua momen itu terjadi karena perkataan yang bak kiamat kecil dapat membuat kita merasakan momen-momen itu secara langsung?


Felt like a puzzle  
And I lost them all
But life has to keep on turning

I asked tons of question
You asked me back with unanswerable question
But life hasto keep on turning

I tried to hide my pain
But everything is vain
Then life has to keep on turning

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Official Fanpage of #22Hours


Just click the image! And like #22Hours fanpage

Feel the sensation for the new rising star! Listen to their music and feel it!

ps: I'm currently working for their fanpage (Almost done) and having trouble with myspace (My internet connection is having a trouble with photo-upload. The connection is very very very lame). Help me guys with visit their fanpage and give your thumb!

Tears of Freedom

It's over now... He's totally disappear after we had an argue on Thursday. Oh now, I decided that I will go away from his life. It totally hurts.. I asked him a question that I already knew the answer will hurt me. But I had a reasons for his answer. I accepted the truth that he said, but he didn't want to accept my reason. (See, selfish guy). But, I got what I want. I got it, I didn't get his trust. But I got his certainty.. I got it, and finally. :')

Thought, it isn't easy to erase him from my mind (I couldn't erase his text, so how can I erase him from my mind?). I knew the answer will hurt me, but guess I'd rather being hurt now than later. Yeah, after I was trying to get the truth, trying to to find out his certainty. I remember with this quote 'The truth sometimes hurts'. But I'm fine now, feeling much better (after crying for one night) I'm still alive, I did it. I can make him say the truth. No lies anymore! But ofcourse the answer did hurt. Then I know, it's over. No more him anymore. There's like a big-deep-hole in my heart but one thing that I should be grateful. I'm alive. His words can't kill myself. Because, I'm Vera Andayani Ciu. He can't kill me easily, he can't make me change to 'Another Vera'. Finally, I'm feel so relieved to know the "truth'' so all I have to do is move on. Move on, and if I ever meet him again, I will never be the same. I will change to a better me. And the next thing that I know, he's gonna regret it. So, I'm officialy pure single, my heart isn't taken, and I'm currently available :p (Actually, since I met him I already single. But my heart is taken by him).

I know, I will miss you a lot. I know it sounds cheesy. I know I'm too good enough for you. I know, you'll regret the things and your reasons that you said to me. But, hey it's my turn! It's time to move on! ;)
Maybe I still miss you and maybe even still like you, but I'm done chasing you. And next thing to remember yeah for us guys, liking someone doesn't mean you have to be together, sometimes it just means you have to be friends

PS: Another things that should make me feel so grateful. Until now, I haven't say how much I adore him. (But I mean the old him. Not the new one). And yeah, tears of freedom (If I cry now, just remember it's not for him)

Edited by me

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Hello Guys! Ah, finally I can post something to my blog. Anyway, I'm working on a project and it works :D I've written for 14 pages. I've to work harder if I want finish it, right? And now I'm currently helping my friends. I'm trying to make a fanpage now, and myspace for them. But..... The problem is my Internet connection very lame to upload a photos about their band! So, please meet the guys! Please meet #22Hours *standingapplause*

I made this last night, only for them 

It will be surprise for you guys! After I could upload all of their photos on myspace and facebook fanpage. I will make another post about them! I just want you guys to know, this band have a gig on PRJ Fair (Jazz Vaganza, 7 P.M) Be there ya guys ;)

PS: Already know their genre? ;)

 PLEASE FOLLOW THEM ON TWITTER! @22HoursOfficial , and you will meet the guys from #22Hours :D

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Ketika kejujuran dipertanyakan...
Di ujung sana kebohongan sedang tertawa...

Ketika kejujuran dipertanggungjawabkan...
Tak terlihat lagi batang hidung kebohongan di ujung sana...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Too way Hexcited!

Today is 15th June 2011! And I'm kinda nervous (And why I have to get nervous?), happy and excited which is become hexcited. It's because..... 

Crossing my fingers now! Hopefully Harry Potter Deathly Hallows part 2 will be aired in Indonesia! AMEN.

I'm cravin for.....

RayBan. First option! (RB5206 | 2479 optical series)
Second option. (RB5228| 2479 optical series)
Acer Ferrari is more awesome than MacBook Pro. I really want change my notebook :s

Mountain Bike! United Nucleus! So fucking awesome and cool.

A whole new books! Remember, I'm a book eater

 At least 1000D, I wanna learn how to be a good photographer. Since I fall in love with photography world, so yeah.


Yeah I'm kinda excited to know that start from 13th June till 18th July is my holiday! Yeah going to be an insomniac then do my holiday project! I've been writing for a new project. So, I need you guys to pray for me. So, I can finish my project (it's going to be my first novel if I could finish it). So just pray for me y'all!
Oh then I promise to you my dear blog, I will more often to post something. I will be more creative on this holiday! Just really hexcited!

Happy Belated Birthday!

Annisa Riska Meidita (31st May 2011, 17 years old)

Ribka Esmeralda (1st June 2011, 17 years old)
I just wanna say Happy Belated Birthday to you guys! Wish you guys nothing but the best!
A year older means a year smarter
A year older means a year closer to all your dreams and wishes
A year older means a year better!


PS: Always my best birthday quotes for y'all:

A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun, so enjoy the trip!