Believe Me, Some Dreams Come True

"I hear Jerusalem bells a-ringing
Roman cavalry choirs are singing
Be my mirror, my sword and shield
My missionaries in a foreign field
For some reason I can't explain
Once you'd gone there was never
Never an honest word
And that was when I ruled the world"


Last Sunday, I was driving and the song Viva La Vida by Coldplay came on the radio. I hadn't heard this song since the last time I went to their concert. Yes, the power of a random song to trigger vivid memories that seem to transport me back in time, space and place. Now here I am recalling all the memories whilst writing this.


I've never thought that I could watch Coldplay. The idea of watching Coldplay is ridiculously crazy and high hope. I thought it will take me 5-7 years to make this wild dreams happen. Fortunately, when the day Coldplay shows in Asia were announced. I knew it, Singapore was the closest area that I could reach to make my dreams come true. The first show (April 1) got sold out like that fast, and thank God they announced a second show (March 31). My friends and I tried our best to get this goddamn ticket. I went to the office earlier, I opened so many browsers. The first time I got into the browser, I tried to book the tickets but I lost them because I took a lot of time logging in my payment details. Luckily, I have this one friend Nadhira. She sacrificed her time to get us the tickets. The universe really blessed us that day, through Nadhira we got the tickets. She was able to book tickets like easily. She was in and out through the browser and she said she was able to book the tickets like 4-6 times?

And yes, ladies and gentlemen from that day I already checked one of my bucket lists. Coldplay here I come.


That day was one of the most amazing, tiring, and fun experiences I have ever had with my friends (A four of us that planned to use this route. The cheapest route but the hardest one). In one day, we already traveled to Jambi - Batam - Singapore. We traveled through the land, air, and sea. It took us 10 hours to finally step our feet in Singapore. We took more than 100,000 steps (I guess?) in one day, survived the long queue at immigration, and finally went to Coldplay concert.

A day to be marked in history arrived. March 31, the day I shared the same oxygen with Chris, Jonny, Will, and Guy. I have prepared myself by listening to their setlist of "A Head Full of Dreams", watching their performance on YouTube and reading about the experience of a lifetime people watching Coldplay concert.

(There was a beautiful sunset before the concert)

We arrived at National Stadium Singapore around 5 o'clock or maybe a few minutes after 5. We had three hours to kill, and during that time we were freaking out inside. We decided to go to our gate and once our tickets were scanned, we were handed a Love Buttons and Xylobands. I was thrilled. Like, finally I was that close to my dreams. I almost in tears when I held the Xylobands.

My friends and I weren't thrilled about our section, but that's okay because it's Coldplay. No matter how far away you are, you can feel the atmosphere, euphoria, genuine, hard work, dedication, excitement, and admiration throughout two-hour performance.

After the opening act, Jess Kent. I knew it was finally time for Coldplay. After the countdown and opening video, 8 o'clock on the dot. The stadium lights went out, it was so dark, and when I saw my Xyloband turned on and I saw every Xylobands all turned on, everyone started screaming. Later, Chris, Jonny, Will, and Guy ran and started the night with their opening song "A Head Full of Dreams". Believe me, I started to cry and wiped my tears when my Xyloband turned red and the stadium went red. I even hugged my friends and we just couldn't stop our tears. I think I cried because of the dime, the time, and all the steps that I took and pain in my feet to get here were worth it.

The moment every Xylobands turned into starry yellow and everyone just started screaming then Chris Martin played the intro, I knew "Yellow" was kicking off our night. I was shaking and hugging my friends, while hearing thousands of crowds sing the bittersweet hooks "Look at the stars, look how they shine for you". I really enjoyed that moment. I was drowning with their music and the energy from people around me. The moment was everything to me.

(National Stadium Singapore went yellow during "Yellow". Image Courtesy: Singapore Sports Hub)

At almost every concert of music festival I have been to in my entire life, I usually have been busy to capturing good pictures and videos. I wanted to keep the memories. But Coldplay has changed my habits that night. I wasn't making memories to keep. My phone truthfully doesn't deserve these memories of Coldplay, only me that deserve these memories. There is no reason for me to hide behind my phone. And yes, I was standing in my section and singing my heart out without a care in the world.

I was ugly crying for the most part of the concert because I just couldn't believe I was here. Still, I thought I was dreaming. The moment Chris asked us to think of a person to whom we wanted to send positive energy or prayer, I was already tearing up. When Chris started singing "Everglow", that's when I lost it. "Everglow" was beautifully written. It's the most personal and emotionally charged song on Coldplay A Head Full of Dreams album. For me, "Everglow" simply reminds me of the idea about the phases we experience that already changed and cannot be returned to. However, among the changes, there's a valuable feeling that everlasting glow like a diamond. This song may not give you a dance or jump move, but this song will give you a warm and contented feeling.

On this tour, Coldplay made a tribute for David Bowie by singing "Heroes". Like I never expected that there was song dedication for David Bowie. That really made my night. Everyone just enjoyed the moment at that time. Two hours. In the two hours, Coldplay made us forget all the shitty parts of life and they took over our mind with a heartwarming and unforgettable lifetime experience. There were moments when there was musical instruments being played and all I could hear the crowd's singing and, dear Lord, that was amazing. Everyone soaking up in the memories. We sang along together to Coldplay hits like "Viva la Vida", "Fix You", "Yellow", "The Scientist", and "Sky Full of Stars" making one huge beautiful, harmonious, and serene choir. Also, there was a time when Chris instructed the crowds to get down during "Adventure of a Lifetime". He said (with his inviting voice), "Everybody go down, everybody go down, go low, go down... everybody go low, down... In 1,2,1,2,3, go!" Then the entire National Stadium Singapore jumped and went wild. Everyone just broke out in screams. Through many songs, Chris instructed us to jump higher, to clap our hands, and to sing the verses with him. I felt unstoppable and inspired at the same time no matter how far away I was from the stage. At that moment, I felt like anything was possible, there were no negative vibes. My negative feelings just went away. I felt great. I felt that night was certainly the best night of my life.

(Sea of colorful Xylobands)

(Coldplay took over Singapore with bursts of confetti and spectacular music. Image Courtesy: Lala's)
(A view from Standing Pen A,  when big balloons fell from above during Adventure of a Lifetime. Image courtesy: Lala's)

(Kaleidoscopic show from Coldplay. Image Courtesy: Singapore Sports Hub)

Without any hesitation, my Coldplay concert was perfect. Absolutely perfect. Coldplay just sets the bar high in terms of concert awesomeness. They really know how to take a good care of their fans. They genuinely care. They are loving and funny people. They like to make some jokes amongst each other and they really do their best to give us a lifetime experience, yep more than just a show. Their concert is really a life-changing. I do not know how to say this but they make us a part of their concert, not just the audience. I felt connected with the rest of the people around me, I could truly felt the connection because of the flickering Xylobands and our common love for ColdplayThat night Coldplay brought the love-and-rainbow festival to National Stadium Singapore. I mean the glowing Xylobands that lit up in the sync to the rhythm, ginormous balloons fell from above during "Adventure of a Lifetime", confetti bursts, fireworks (not that spectacular maybe it's because of the venue), kaleidoscope lasers during new hit "Something Just Like This", incredible audio, energy & vibe they brought just made the entire stadium in happy tears. It was beautifully insane. Before I forget, they even moved to a secret stage that closer to my view for a few songs. They just ran from the main stage and did an acoustic thing, they did it so people like me would have a chance to see them a bit more closely. I just love how they share some jokes about how hot Singapore that night, and we just laughed together. I swear, If I could, I really would like to bottle up the crazy ambiance on that night.

(View from my section. Far away but it's still magical thou)

Coldplay certainly gave me goosebumps. They are a bunch of people that come together and create a hopeful energy and positivity through their music. Most of their songs also fill with hope and powerful message for the listeners to unite and fight the injustice and a lot of social issues. They are not only the greatest band in my era. They are much more beyond that. They are helping this world. They are trying to make a better place, bring peace, and make a difference in the world through their music.

(Chris Martin on the big screen. You look so beautiful and well, dear. Image Courtesy: Lala's)

All my life, I've been listening to their songs on my phone, YouTube, Spotify, radio, some parties, or karaoke nights, but that night I listened to them live. Coldplay was in front of me singing the songs that I've been singing along to in my existence. Everyone sang along to their songs like they've lived through the lyrics like I did. I saw everyone hugged each other (including me, I kept hugging my friends). It was a big celebration of life. After the concert, I saw people crying (Yes, I was crying too), taking selfies & pictures with teary eyes, diverse group sharing the common love for Coldplay, smiling and laughing. I really could see a happiness through everyone's faces that night. Genuine one. Oh dear, it was captivating.

(Left to Right: Nyoi, Della, Nadhira, Me, Melin, Munir, and My Sister)

(Selfie after the concert. Happy faces all around us!)

Being able to see them live was the greatest experience. Even took me travel across the land, sea, air, and across countries-- I am forever grateful and thankful. Until now, I am really glad I went to Coldplay concert with my beloved ones. I am glad I saw the world through Coldplay with people that I choose and also choose me. I am content. For me, being able to be in their concert was enough, but God really doubled my happiness. He let me witnessing, sharing, and singing the songs of the band that I would normally sing in my car or bathroom with the people I love the most, then simply made everything zillionth times better. It felt so surreal but it did happen.

(I am forever grateful)

This may have been my first time coming to Coldplay concert, but I certainly believe it won't be my last. Yes, I will never forget my first Coldplay concert, and I do hope I will be off for the second, the third, and fourth, and more, and more. And I do really hope I will be able to go their concert with people that I love again (Maybe the same people). Also, to anyone happen to read this post in the middle of confusion (or I might say lost), maybe if you really like Coldplay but you haven't got the chance to their concert. Keep dreaming and hoping. You'll get there. Once, you'll be able to watch them live. Be grateful and thankful. 
Thank you, Coldplay. Thank you for letting me know everything that I want is just a dream away. Thank you for that magical night. I know that magical moment was over. I will recall now vividly the pleasure and moment I felt in the more beautiful way.

I'll see you soon, Coldplay. 


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